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We have been implementing professional video forms for several years. From ads to music videos. We have experience in television, cinema and internet productions.

We create corporate, product, event, party, advertising, feature, advertising, music video, documentary, animated and other films. We are happy to combine different formats with each other.

Quality matters!

We live in a time when each of us can make his own film. Telephones record the image in high resolutions, and applications help to edit the film.

However, this is not a quality that will match the professional equipment we have, and most importantly – many years of experience in video production.

For every budget!

We will create the best possible production in a given budget! It does not matter whether you are just starting out, with your business, or have settled accounts for years at the end of the year.

A larger budget gives us opportunities in terms of facilities, equipment, people. Smaller, requires a combination – but we’re not afraid of it!


Below we present completely different productions, presenting the possibilities of TheGreatness. Varied in formats, style and budget. We reach all target groups with many years of experience in organizing communication goals. This is only part of our productions, we will gladly present the rest if needed.

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Feature film created under the banner of TheGreatness. A professional team, pure passion.

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Video Commercial EBnavi. Professional motion design animation.

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