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Photography by heart

Business Photography

In other words: “Personal Branding”. In business, a good photo is essential, it is your personal business card. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have been managing your business for years.

We approach each client individually with this type of photography. We are looking for the best features in you. Are you an actor maybe a musician? We will show you from the best possible side, thanks to many years of experience in the photo industry.

For Influencers

Instagram, Facebook, etc. Today it is one of the most popular media for online creators. The so-called. Influencer’ów. Such people cannot afford amateur photos on their social media.

We make professional sessions, knowing the needs of fans. We follow and passively participate in the market of online creators, which is why we know how to draw the attention of Internet users.

Real estate photography

Regardless of whether you are a developer, real estate agent, or private person wanting to sell or rent your property. Ultimately, the ad will always go online.

If you want to interest potential customers, you should get the best photos of your property. We also take aerial photographs via a drone.


Below we present completely various projects presenting the possibilities of TheGreatness. Varied in formats, style and budget. We reach all target groups with many years of experience in organizing communication goals. This is only part of our projects, we will gladly present the rest if needed.

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